Media Training Firm Frames Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter

Media Training Firm Frames Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter

You won’t see this interview with Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter on the mainstream media.

When I first saw this story, so close to the NFL/Papa John’s “scandal” my spidey senses started to tingle. I told my wife, this is fishy. This reeks of a setup – but I didn’t know how or why.

Is suspected maybe the “Pizza Wars” much like the airline wars of late might have something to do with it. If you watch a story lines on the Showtime series Billions, you’ll begin to understand what I mean.

These hedge fund managers and traders can’t always get an “edge” so sometimes they create the edge by either sabotaging companies or EVEN EASIER, sabotaging the company’s reputation by using a surrogate, the American Drive-By Media and the morons who swallow what they present as news, hook, line and sinker.

Then I found this interview where Papa John’s Founder John Schnatter lays it all out very simply. He was setup by a shady PR firm who wanted him to put Snoop Dogg or someone who might “endear Papa John’s to the black community” to make this NFL thing go away.

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Here’s what really happened according to Schnatter’s accounts in this video:

  • John Schnatter’s remarks about the NFL were taken out of context in November 2017
  • The Media pounced and therefor the public was spooked
  • John Schnatter stepped away from the spotlight
  • Papa John’s hired a PR Firm to coach them on how to avoid this sort of firestorm
  • The PR Firm/Agency tried to convince John Schnatter to collaborate with “someone” from the black celebrity community who uses the N word frequently (3:07)
  • John Schnatter rejected this idea more than once.
  • The Agency and Papa John’s executives had a conference call to discuss the idea again
  • On the call John Schnatter was challenged by the Agency because Schnatter refused to endorse or associate “Papa John’s” with a person who uses the “N word” (whoever the celebrity/brand they were recommending)
  • To illustrate how bad the idea was John Schnatter repeated the language he DID NOT want to have associated with Papa John’s and explained how he and the company would not be associating with that term
  • The Agency they hired to help them resolve the fallout from the NFL comments (taken out of content) then attempted to extort John Schnatter and Papa John’s for $6million dollars to “make this call go away”.
  • Papa John’s and Schnatter refused to be extorted
  • The Agency and President of the Agency took the story to Forbes
  • Forbes printed the trash
  • Now everyone is reacting to John Schnatter doing the OPPOSITE of what he actually did.
  • He’s not a racist, and he was actually working against a PR firm/agency trying to link Papa John’s with a known celebrity or artist who actually DOES use the N-word with no negative consequences
  • Though out it all, and even thought he’s been set up by this “agency”, John Schnatter is accepting 100% responsibility for HIS actions
  • No one is stepping up to back up John Schnatter. The partners and “big shots” are all afraid to say what really happened, and what this really is
  • Racism is wrong, and so is extortion

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