How Not to Produce a Sizzle Reel CC: Clay Travis

How Not to Produce a Sizzle Reel

Here’s an insight into the #content and #audio competition and landscape:

These companies are the biggest in this business!!!

And they sling SHIT.

Here’s the “sizzle reel” they just sent us affiliates of Clay Travis who is perhaps THE hottest thing ON SOCIAL when it comes to sports radio hosts. No one ON-AIR does it better on social in the sports realm.

He’s bigger ONLINE than he is ON-AIR….he’s got more people watching him LIVE on Twitter than CNN has watching live on Cable…in a given moment.

And yet, this is the drivel his syndication company (iHeartRadio, Premiere, Clear Channel) sends out to us…

This is pablum that doesn’t showcase Clay Travis’ strengths or edginess, AND worst of all this copy does not speak to the intended audience which is Program Directors, General Managers, Sales Managers, and Radio Executives.

Watch the “sizzle reel” here:

It’s not a maxipad commercial…but it feels like one at 1:44 with the stock video footage.

Oh and by the way…the sizzle reel is 2 years old but they sent it out TODAY like it’s FRESH.

Content Isn’t King, Practice Does NOT Make Perfect, and other LIES


File this one next to “practice makes perfect”.
It’s bullshit. Here is why….

PRACTICE does NOT make perfect.

If I practice playing the violin for HOURS will it make me perfect?
“Well, yes it will Matt as long as you put in your 10,000 hours.”


What if I am practicing with the WRONG technique?
What if I am practicing but with the WRONG grip?
What if I am practicing for 10,000 hours with the WRONG attitude?

Practice does NOT make perfect….
PREFECT practice makes PERFECT.


Everyone should NOT create content.

If you are *busy creating content, you might be hurting yourself in ways you don’t even realize.

I should not CREATE CONTENT?

I don’t know if YOU should…because I don’t know what your desired outcome is. I don’t know anything about you or your business.

But if YOU are going to create content, you better know what your desired outcome is…

Then you need a plan…

Then you should create GREAT content that serves the needs of your business by serving the needs of your clients and prospects…to ACHIEVE YOUR desired outcome.

If you’re not doing the above…you’re not doing it for YOUR business…you’re doing it because it serves the person who sold you on “creating content”.