How To Get a Reality Show – The Duck Dynasty Method

film magic daily mail screenshotHow did the #DuckDynasty flock get their own reality show and how can their story help YOU in EVERYTHING you aspire to achieve? The answer might surprise you…

They used a timeless concept that is even taught in the #Bible !

While getting a TV show might seem like a “victory”, lots of shows FAIL and very few shows succeed… Most never even air.

So more importantly,

HOW did they position themselves and their show to get EVERY possible advantage, virtually ensuring success even in the face of controversy?

The answer to both questions are the SAME….and it’s a concept we “bake in” to our process in guiding my private celebrity and business clients.

It’s the same way Stephen Colbert got “picked” to replace David Letterman when he retired from the Late Show this year.

And it can help YOU get picked and ensure YOU are prepared when you do get picked.

This is how you create your own LUCK!

After all, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

MOST of us are NOT prepared to TAKE ON our next great opportunity…

Even FEWER are prepared to take it on and THEN leverage that opportunity and build on it for YEARS, DECADES, or even GENERATIONS to come.

That’s momentum and it can be UNSTOPPABLE, if you play your cards right.

This lesson from the Duck Dynasty crew is not about getting your own reality show…but what they did to get “chosen” and what Colbert did to get “chosen” WILL work for you…in EVERY aspect of your life.

Here’s what they did…and what OTHERS who create their own luck are doing. (Sadly, it has been used for evil as well as good.)

It’s simple.

They didn’t wait…
for someone to CHOOSE them…
for someone to call them…
for someone to ask them…

They chose themselves first.

Here’s how.

Before the Robertson family even talked to a TV network, cable crew or got an agent…they did their own reality show.

They literally videotaped a reality series on their own. They starred, produced it, edited it…everything.

They failed fast…and they got good at being themselves and telling stories on camera.

They found their voice. They honed it…and figure out how to get better as they went.

They didn’t all have beards even…but once they made the decision to CHOOSE themselves, they began to figure out other secrets about breaking through to the masses (those beards are strategic NLP sorta stuff).

Colbert did the same thing…

They brought their vision (of themselves) into reality, so EVERYONE else could see it!!!

When it was time to find the guy to replace Letterman, others could see what Colbert believed…

They could envision Colbert in Letterman’s seat because he could show them. He was ALREADY doing that kind of show.

A&E could envision Duck Dynasty on TV, because the Robertsons could show them. They were ALREADY doing a show!

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You don’t need to be on a reality TV show, or a late night talk show.

But, if you want to be LUCKY…you have to CHOOSE yourself FIRST.

You must let the world HEAR, SEE, and READ you in action, so you can get the repetitions you need to get better…

So you can let them envision YOU in the role you’ve chosen for yourself…

And so you can stack the deck in your favor, which will inspire OTHERS to CHOOSE you…

That will bring YOU more opportunity and when it comes, you WILL be prepared!

I help business people, leaders, speakers, authors, doctors, lawyers, contractors, and professionals GET LUCKY on purpose.

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