Greener Pastures Ahead!Matt For Illinois

Matt Dubiel for U.S. Senate

Restore conservative representation for Illinois in Washington, on behalf of parents, kids and our fellow citizens.  We will beat Tammy Duckworth in November by running a mainstream, conservative, campaign based on law & order, education, medical freedom, combatting inflation, and America-First policies.


1. SAFER COMMUNITIES – Our laws must be upheld, enforced and our police departments empowered to do their jobs, independent of politics and social justice.

2. BETTER EDUCATION – School Choice. Education, not indoctrination.  Let’s return to preparing students for LIFE whether that includes college or other opportunities, such as learning a trade, a career in agriculture, or as an entrepreneur.

3. MEDICAL FREEDOM – No family member should be alone when they need an advocate most. We need to ensure hospitals and doctors cannot deny companionship/advocacy from family, nor deny medical care based on vaccination status. We need to focus on lowering prescription drug prices in the USA so Americans don’t have to “mule” their own meds in from other countries. Medical Freedom includes freedom for employees to work and earn a living without fear of draconian mandates from government and bosses, while giving companies the freedom not to be threatened with fines, insurance issues or other legal hassles. Your health is none of your employer’s business.

4. MAKE THINGS IN AMERICA AGAIN – We’ve had a shortage of nearly everything because America doesn’t make anything anymore…except excuses. Today, we’re #1 in excuses because we listen to the wrong voices. We need to inspire, encourage and INCENTIVIZE American business to make things in America. This is an economic issue and an issue of NATIONAL SECURITY.

5. AMERICA FIRST – America First means benefits of citizenship are reserved for citizens. We need better legal paths to citizenship, and we must protect our election integrity, border integrity and economic independence.

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