Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette GOP U.S. Senate Questionnaire

June 14, 2022
Why are you the candidate that East Central Illinoisans specifically should vote for?
It’s 2022, and truckers are representing us in D.C. because our elected officials are not. Matt Dubiel is running for U.S. Senate to represent the PEOPLE of Illinois who want our economy, medical freedom, schools, communities, and freedoms BACK.
Why is it time for a change in Illinois’ representation in the U.S. Senate?
We need representatives who actually show up and vote on bills they read. Tammy Duckworth has the worst voter attendance record in the Senate. When Tammy & Dick show up, they vote 99% the same, so common sense isn’t being represented for Illinois. You can’t move to a red state and escape Dick & Duck’s woke votes in the Senate. They had a chance to vote to lift mask mandates on planes, and Tammy didn’t even show up. She was too busy tweeting about her abortion goals and the discriminatory hiring practices she wants to implement in government with Durbin & Biden. No more printing and spending money to send across the globe, while your spending power declines. It’s time to put Americans first. Matt Dubiel has got your back, for one term. Then, it’s someone else’s turn. That’s how it’s supposed to work in America!
If elected, what one issue would you make priority No. 1?
Our number one issue in America is the economy. The first step in fixing it is voting out ALL who stood by while it was shut down. We must vote out all who are printing and spending our money overseas. I will not stand by while our economies are shut down, and I will not vote to waste the taxpayers’ money on bloated spending inside the USA or in foreign countries. Matt Dubiel will read the bills before voting on them. I will not vote for pork spending. I will not vote for abortion or trans surgery spending. We need to finish the border wall, remove the incentives for illegals and restore our manufacturing and supply chains in the USA. We must make things in America again. We need to restore our energy independence, and our military, and we need to stop this COVID theatre that is driving our productivity into the dark ages. No more billions to China for masks and tests. China needs to pay trillions for its damages to America.
What do you view as the top three threats to American national security?
The number one threat to our national security is the fact that our military, Commander-In-Chief, and cabinet have undergone an experimental vaccine. We have no idea what can and will happen to them, and the fact that the military was required to take it without controls and contingency is a serious national security issue. The number two threat to our national security is President Biden’s diminished mental and cognitive abilities. The third threat to our national security is the southern border.
Do you believe in any restrictions on the purchase of firearms? Do you think the Second Amendment is an absolute right to keep and bear arms?
Gun safety and gun rights are embedded into our Constitution. We need more trained lawful citizens with guns. We need to allow our police to do their jobs and we need to prosecute criminals. Illinois can not be a sanctuary state and let Chicago’s crime problem infect the state. Illinois needs to void the foid & return gun safety and training to high schools. Matt Dubiel does not support restrictions on law-abiding citizens.
Why not ban “assault weapons” or magazines with capacities of more than 10 rounds? What practical purpose do either serve that’s worth protecting?
The true problem with guns in America is there aren’t enough good people trained and carrying them. We should be encouraging law-abiding American citizens to carry firearms across the country. A national concealed carry bill would be a top priority to keep crime in check and keep Americans safe. Matt Dubiel does not want to restrict law-abiding citizens, who do the right thing, from owning guns. I will not support bans that hurt Americans who follow the law. No practical purpose or reason is required…free men and women do not need permission to be free. That said, the fact that America has an armed citizenry is a massive deterrent to any foreign invasion of American soil. The rest of the world knows America is not a gun-free zone, and therefore we are stronger for it. If you weaken Americans, you weaken America and the world.
How, if at all, did the pandemic change, or cement, your views on the role of government during a public health crisis?
The people in government who were “keeping us safe” killed the economy, the American spirit, and many people. We lost people to suicide, drug overdose, heart irregularities, and more. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has a 99.97% survival rate no matter what. Additionally, we do not know the long last effects of these experimental vaccines. We won’t for some time. We do, however, know the effects on our children who have delayed speech, developmental delays, and more. Time will tell what impact these mandates had on the people. If we learned anything from COVID and the aftermath of the government’s involvement in COVID, we need to get the government out of healthcare. “We The People” want and deserve medical freedom. When the history books are written, the mess government and corporatism have made of our country in the name of “keeping us safe” will go down as tyrannical and evil. The government should be protecting the people from overreaching and invasive medical mandates and practices. Matt Dubiel will stand up for medical freedom, and stand against unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates.
How many COVID-19 vaccine shots/boosters have you yourself received?
None of your business. Matt Dubiel is the candidate for medical freedom and medical PRIVACY. We don’t know what the effects of these experimental vaccines will be, and they shouldn’t be required to go to work, attend school, or shop at certain businesses. It’s no one’s business what you or I choose to do with our personal health.
How should the United States deal with the issue of so many Mexicans, Central Americans, and residents of other nations who want to live here?
We need our POTUS, Congress, and media to stop telling the world we are giving away the farm to illegals. Then we need to secure our border immediately and finish the wall. The border is a pathway for dangerous drugs, weapons, disease, and sex trafficking and this vulnerability is sabotaging our country. The southern border is an issue of national security that requires immediate attention. Matt Dubiel will work on legal immigration paths, so the best and brightest from other countries can become legal citizens of the USA.
What are three adjectives to describe the kind of representative you’ll be?
Patriotic, Constitutional, Transparent


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