Matt Dubiel For U.S. Senate Chicago Tribune Questionnaire

May 11, 2022

Do you believe the response from the U.S. and its allies to help Ukraine defend Vladimir Putin’s invasion has been fulsome enough? If yes, please explain why you believe that, and if no, please explain what else you would do beyond the current administration’s response.

We are not the United States of Ukraine or the United Nations. We are the United States of America, and the USA is not the world’s piggy bank, nor are we tasked with being the bodyguards of every foreign nation that has a conflict. American Veterans who have already fought for our freedom, and already defended our Constitution, are lining the streets, battling PTSD, homelessness, skyrocketing medical costs, and inflation, and our government is printing and sending billions overseas, while our media is complicit in this massive distraction. The USA has been fueling the Russian and Chinese economies on the backs of the American working class, and now we’re financing the other side with aid to Ukraine. It’s as if the U.S. is printing money only to light it on fire. The American people, meanwhile, are suffering, and the media and government blame our mismanaged economy on Russia instead of China. Moreover, the people in our Congress, who are approving more money to be printed and spent, fail to read any of the spending bills they sign. Shame on the Chicago Tribune for framing this question in such a slanted and biased fashion. This is exactly why the American people are abandoning traditional media. It’s not your print delivery method driving them away, but rather this one-sided approach. Where is the objectivity?

There are concerns that, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China could align with Russia in a new world order that revives a Cold War dynamic. What do you think the U.S. should do to prevent that from happening, particularly from the standpoint of America’s policies toward China?

We do not need to wait for China to align with Russia to institute a new world order. China has already aligned against the United States, with help from Corporate America and our own governments. We’ve been under a viral attack from China. China has not been held accountable in any way. In fact, China has been rewarded. China’s economy has expanded as the United States economy has contracted and fed China. Our Congress recently approved $1.8 BILLION to buy masks from China! We don’t even need them anymore, and if we did, we could have built a mask factory here. This is the most intense form of Stockholm Syndrome in history. Where are the sanctions on China? We allow them to decimate our population, our economy, and our media, and then we reward China with an influx of spending on Chinese tech companies, goods, and services and we forfeit our economic power to China while the media points at Russia. The USA has been under attack at the hand of China since before COVID, when China took back Hong Kong and delivered TikTok to teens. China has infected the bodies of our population with a virus, the souls of our citizens with their fentanyl, the minds of our college students with their Confucius institutes that spew communist propaganda on American soil, and destroyed the pocketbooks of our Middle Class via their economic takeover of our supply chain. America needs to secure our southern border now as a matter of national security to stop the supply chain of this poison. We must restore our energy independence and fortify our internal supply chain and manufacturing industries. Then, we need to close all campus Confucius institutes immediately and make China pay for the damage to America and the world as a result of the pandemic they brought to the world.

All signs point to Vladimir Putin remaining a hostile threat to the U.S. and the West for the foreseeable future. What policy shifts do you think the U.S. should make to gird itself and the West from a Putin-led Russia, both short-term and long-term?

We have been witness to the greatest attack on America since Pearl Harbor, at the hand of China, and yet the media continues to obsess over Russia. Putin did not poison our seniors with COVID; China did. Putin did not infiltrate our borders with Chinese fentanyl and Putin didn’t leave our southern border open. Biden did. Putin didn’t lock the American people down, close their businesses, close their churches, and force their children to wear masks. Fauci & Pritzker did. Putin didn’t put infected COVID patients in nursing homes with high-risk patients. Cuomo did. The policy shifts the USA must make involve getting rid of the brainless people we’ve allowed to represent us and elect patriots who will put the American people and America First. A weak USA makes Russia, China, and everyone else stronger. We must restore our energy independence now. We must secure our border now. We must stop arguing about who gets to use which bathroom and who can swim in women’s sports, and focus our efforts as a country on restoring America to an economically independent nation that stands together for common sense and what is right.

Soaring inflation has become one of the nation’s most pressing concerns. What should Washington do to rein in runaway inflation, and as a Senator, what specific measures would you propose?

Never let the government shut down the economy ever again. We need to stop printing and spending. We need to stop sending billions to Ukraine and Haiti. We need a Congress that has the common sense to READ the bills before they sign them. We need to STOP funding abortion. We need to stop talking about forgiving student loans and start promoting the trades again. College isn’t for everybody, and inflated student loans that have no chance of delivering a salary that will ever pay them off should not be allowed. Instead of talking about pronouns, critical race theory, social-emotional learning, and early sex education, we need an education system that teaches children how money works and how WORK works. We need to stop talking about raising the minimum wage and starting raising the bar on our standards for excellence in America. Our education system has failed us. We let the college industry lobby for student loans and now college is a losing proposition for most. No one wants to work because they were sold this idea of “going to college so they don’t have to work so hard. Opportunity is often disguised as hard work. Modern monetary theory is going to ruin America and we must return to a GOLD standard both for our currency and our expectations for our future. A gold standard controls inflation. The gold standard is what made the dollar the powerhouse it once was.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently concluded that the world is running out of time to stave off the most devastating consequences of global warming. Legislatively, what would be your approach toward preventing global warming from further endangering the world’s future?

The UN doesn’t tell the USA what to do or how to approach things. The USA is a sovereign nation, governed by the We the People. Human beings who accept boondoggle solutions to “climate change” like the expensive windmills across Illinois that will never generate more than they cost are damaging our planet while killing birds. They’re enriching their crony-capitalist friends in “green” industries so they all get rich on feelings without competition. Capitalists get stronger with competition. The stronger America is, the better stewards of the planet we can be. These green policies, though, are designed to weaken America. The rules only apply to those who follow the rules. If America follows the green woke mob, it will empower India, China, and other foreign nations who will pick up the slack and just pay the fines or fees for not being “green” enough. Carbon credits and carbon taxes are a new Ponzi scheme that will leave America in worse shape than we are now. We need to focus on the environmental issues causing rises in CANCER, infertility, mental illness, and gender dysphoria disorders.

The federal deficit in 2021 was $2.8 trillion. Describe what you believe are the three best ways to make a substantive reduction in the federal deficit. Please be specific in your answer.

No one would suggest that it’s okay to just print $2.8 trillion and call it even, and yet this is exactly the approach we’ve been taking in smaller measures with QE. We need to audit the federal reserve. The US needs to return to a gold standard. We need to make the USA energy independent again, and secure our border. Then we need to put a moratorium on all pork and nonsensical spending and reduce our bloated government.

Immigration reform has eluded this country for decades. What would you do to fix immigration in America? Also, do you support the DREAM Act?

We need to secure the border immediately. We had the money, and we sent it to Ukraine to defend their border. Meanwhile, fentanyl pours into our southern border and we also roll out the red carpet for gangs, and sex trafficking. Then, we pay for it all anyway. Our federal, state, and local governments and corporations have instituted unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates on the free citizens of the USA, while illegal immigrants cross our borders and break our laws with impunity. We must secure the southern border now. Then we can streamline the legal immigration process in ways that encourage the kind of citizens who will contribute to America in positive ways, not work to change it from the inside out. America is the destination because of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

At least 19 states have passed laws restricting access to voting. Many other states have introduced similar legislation. Do you believe such laws help or hinder the electoral process? Please explain your answer.

In order for America to continue to be the greatest nation in the history of the world, we must maintain our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our citizens must be able to have faith and confidence in our elections and our currency.  In order for our elections to have integrity, we must ensure only our citizens vote legally. The best way to ensure this is to show proof of citizenship at the polling place. We must provide I.D. to drive, buy & carry firearms, bank, work, buy liquor, and marijuana (in some states) and fly on a plane. In some areas, people have been required to show proof of vaccination in order to EAT. It’s not unreasonable to require voters to show proof they are eligible to vote. Your wording of this question is odd. “19 states have passed laws restricting access to voting.” These laws do not restrict access to voting. Everyone still has “access to voting.” Your wording and framing of these laws are part of the problem. Putting a spin on initiatives to ensure voter integrity is dangerous and irresponsible. You have to show a membership ID to get into Sam’s Club & Costco, and if you don’t, they don’t let you inside. The USA is the best club on planet Earth, and if you want to pick who gets to govern, and vote on how we spend money, you need to show your membership. If you’re not a member and want to be, you can apply. My great grandfathers Albert Dubiel (Poland) & Vincent DeSantis (Italy) both did it, and they risked death to get here with just a few bucks.

If you were asked to vote on the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, how would you vote? Please explain your rationale.

I would vote NO. The name is misleading, like many of these bill names are. That’s issue number one for me. Outside of special early voting practices for military and special circumstances, early voting is not in the best interests of election integrity. If you can buy tickets to see a concert on a date and time, you can vote on a day. The day you got your tattoo, you were there in person. If you can get to Church on Sunday you can vote on Election Day. If you can get to work, or the doctor on a day and time, you can get out to vote on Election Day. Election Day is all day. Election Day is a day, not a season. Lowering the bar never works to raise standards. We need to raise our standards in America.

Do you believe there was fraud committed in the 2020 presidential election, and do you believe the results of that election should have been overturned? Please explain your answer. And a secondary element to this question: do you support the proposed Electoral Count Modernization Act, which aims to prevent another Jan. 6-like attempt to subvert the legitimate outcome of a presidential election?

I have not studied the Election of 2020 as it relates to voter irregularity, nor do I have access to objective data regarding the 2020 Election statistics. I have spoken to thousands of American citizens and voters throughout Illinois, and there are serious concerns among the American people about election integrity. The concerns of the American people cannot and should not be ignored. Joe Biden was one of the most unimpressive Presidential candidates in my lifetime; he was less impressive as a VP and even more questionable as a Senator himself. Somehow, he garnered the most votes in American history?  The American people have some concerns about the 2020 Election, and the future of elections in the USA. That fact cannot and should not be ignored or trivialized. Regarding the ECMA, it’s in such broad strokes form currently, so I couldn’t possibly comment on supporting it or not except to say that I haven’t seen much from Dick Durbin, which is worthy of support recently.

Violent crime remains one of this country’s most intractable scourges, particularly in cities like Chicago. Solutions at the local level are critical, of course, but Washington can also play a vital role. Please explain your strategy for legislation at the federal level that can help combat endemic violent crime in cities like Chicago.

Step one is to secure the southern border. When we secure the southern border, we stop the influx of dangerous fentanyl and the crime that it travels with. Those bad actors are locked out of America and the gang’s fresh supply of product and people to sex traffick diminishes. Next, we must eliminate sanctuary cities. Finally, we need to let our police do their jobs and support prosecutors who actually prosecute and incarcerate criminals. We should be encouraging law-abiding American citizens to carry firearms across the country. A national concealed carry bill would be a top priority to keep crime in check and keep Americans safe. The problem with guns in America is there aren’t enough good people trained and carrying them.

In Illinois, an exodus of people and jobs continues to imperil the state’s future economic outlook. Solutions must be undertaken at the local and state level, but what would you propose at the Federal level to help turn back this trend?

We can investigate Lori Lightfoot and JB Pritzker. It seems clear they both are complicit in working against the public interest, and logically it must be for their own benefit or enrichment somehow. The alternative to that would be they’re just evil. They locked up the people of Illinois, and forced them to get injections to keep their jobs, and meanwhile, they handcuffed the police and let criminals free. They did this while they mixed sick people with the most at-risk people, and put healthy children in masks and in quarantine. They closed small independent businesses, and allowed major chains to stay open. They closed exercise facilities but kept liquor, marijuana, and gambling outlets open. Abortion clinics kept pace with 45,000 annual Illinois abortions, while churches were closed, funerals were canceled, and weddings were postponed to “keep us safe.” Carjackings have skyrocketed, as flash mobs have perfected the smash and grab so well that they’ve been able to branch out from Chicago into the suburbs. All the while, someone made money on testing healthy people, and an influx of federal funds spread out across the state. Yeah, I think we need to investigate Lori Lightfoot and JB Pritzker. I remember the good old days when the Chicago Tribune used to dig into this sort of thing.

Sum up why should voters nominate you and not your opponent(s)? (Please limit this to policy and approach, not a biography recitation.)

Matt Dubiel is the guy who can beat Tammy Duckworth in November. I am a husband, father of four, and middle-class business person who will represent YOU in Washington D.C., and back here at home. I will not bend to the mob. I will stand up for your kids and you. To fix the problems, you must be able to see the problems. Our schools are a BIG problem. The Tribune didn’t even ask about our schools. We have schools that are teaching our beautiful babies to hate the way God made them, and to hate their country. They’re not teaching them basic math, or common sense and then they wonder why we have a student debt crisis and a labor shortage. Our freedoms have been dismantled over the last few years. We must protect our kids, and support our parents. We must secure our border and restore law and order in our communities. We must protect our medical freedom so you can work, eat, live, and breathe as YOU see fit without having to share your papers anywhere in the United States of America. We need representatives who actually show up and vote on bills they read. Tammy Duckworth has the worst voter attendance record in the Senate. When Tammy & Dick show up, they vote 99% the same, so common sense isn’t being represented for Illinois. You can’t move to a red state and escape Dick & Duck’s woke votes in the Senate. They had a chance to vote to lift mask mandates on planes, and Tammy didn’t even show up. She was too busy tweeting about her abortion goals and the discriminatory hiring practices she wants to implement in government with Durbin & Biden. No more printing and spending money to send across the globe, while your spending power declines. It’s time to put Americans first. Matt Dubiel has got your back, for one term. Then, it’s someone else’s turn. That’s how it’s supposed to work America! Let’s go!


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