What should I do with my life now?

This is the #1 question I get asked.

Why do people come to me for their answer?

Back in 2012, my new friend Andrew came to me with that very question. Andrew and I met in radio. He was in his 20s and had done well in radio, but he was smart enough to realize the same skills that made him great in radio would explode into greatness, almost any other arena.

Andrew and I met in radio around 2009. He cold called me in fact. I remember picking up the phone and hearing what sounded like a 90 year old man from the east coast with a booming voice tell me how he was going to help my business.

I get calls like this all the time, but rarely are the callers this confident, composed and conscientious.

Especially back then as I was the founder of a radio network I was tasked to launch by the Informercial King himself Kevin Trudeau. Yeah, that Kevin Trudeau –  the “Mega Memory” and “Natural Cures” guy.

Kevin Trudeau sought out and hired me to get him on the radio in Chicago, and then nationally via syndication. That’s a story for another time…

That 90 year old east coast go-getter was none other than 20-something Andrew Henderson calling from Phoenix, Arizona. And that call lead to millions of dollars in sales (of products, services, commercials, etc) over years of working together.

Andrew saw the writing on the wall. There were too few Matt Dubiels in the radio business, and even fewer Kevin Trudeaus.

So Andrew pivoted into the pool business.

Just swimming pools, no movie stars.

The bright Andrew Henderson went from selling air time, to buying swimming pool routes. People with pools need their pools cleaned and maintained. There are various companies that offer this service and Andrew bought up small services and combined them under one name and system. Pretty smart.

He did quite well, but he quickly realized that once again his talents and abilities were not being maximized by this business he had chosen.

Andrew sold the pool business for a handsome profit (multiple six figures) and ceremoniously flew out to suburban Chicago to spend his birthday with me and stay in my home.

It was October 2012, we had just been to see Adam Carolla at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, Illinois.

Andrew Henderson woke up in my guest room in Naperville, came into the kitchen, looked me in the eye and said “what should I do with my life now“?

Andrew and I spent hours together mapping out the possibilities, and eliminating everything but THE THING.

When we finished, Andrew Henderson left my house as “The Nomad Capitalist“.

Today, and by design, Andrew Henderson is the leader in his area of expertise! His website NomadCapitalist.com is the mammoth leader in his space for global citizens who want to “Go Where You’re Treated Best”.

When people are looking for help achieving second passports, residence abroad, perpetual traveler status and other creative methods to “Go Where You’re Treated Best”, they watch Andrew’s Nomad Capitalist youtube Channel (which recently crossed the 100,000 subscriber mark), read his best selling book “Nomad Capitalist: How to Reclaim Your Freedom with Offshore Bank Accounts, Dual Citizenship, Foreign Companies, and Overseas Investments”, or the really smart ones apply to work with Andrew directly.

As my eldest son likes to say, “Andrew started as an everyday radio guy from Ohio. Today Andrew Henderson is THE Nomad Capitalist, the authority and leader in the offshore space, a highly coveted consultant and expert commanding 5 figure fees, a multimillionaire with multiple homes in various countries across the world, a top rated youtube channel, best-selling book, sold out world class networking events, top rated podcast host and he has a hot Russian wife”.

Over the course of the last 8 years, Andrew tried various tactics but always stuck to his long term strategy that we forged that October day in 2012. One of his super powers is his steadfast focus.

He did not fall into the trappings of the wantrepreneurs of our era.

Others seek short cuts as their end goal. They become marks for other mark-eters to make money off their hopes and dreams. They are sold pie in the sky nonsense about “authority marketing” and other parlor tricks.

Terms like “influencer” and “authority” are tossed around with offers to PAY to be “featured” on Forbes.com or some other back page in the digital ghettos.

This folly is all a distraction. These are not shortcuts. These are dead ends and distractions. While “marketers” were busy in forums chatting and using buzzwords like “brand”, “authority”, “influencer” and “audience”, Andrew was actually building a brand, his authority, true influencer status, and a massive audience with tenacious authenticity.

Andrew Henderson worked tirelessly toward achieving the one thing everyone else who aspires to be successful in this day and age truly wants: Authentic Authority.

This all blossomed from one initial question:

What should I do with my life now?

This question naturally comes up when you are about to graduate high school or college. People ask this of themselves when they come to the end of a relationship. This is a common thought when life cycle events occur like retirement.

But sometimes (perhaps more often these days than during any other generation) this question is top of mind because you realize you are un happy in what you are doing now. Maybe you are stuck.

You want to “move your cheese”.

Now I’ve had this deep conversation with some family, friends, colleagues, and clients and I’ve found that most people will choose the wrong path on their own.


It’s simple. You have various preconceived notions about what IS and what is NOT possible in the world, and more specifically what IS and is NOT possible for YOU.

You’ve been brainwashed.

It’s true.

You’ve been brainwashed by your mom and dad.

You’ve been brainwashed by your friends.

You’ve been brain washed by your teachers.

You’ve been brainwashed by advertising.

You’ve been brainwashed by the people you dated or married.

They meant well… Well, your parents and family probably did.

Then your brain took over and started repeating their bullshit story for yourself. Now it’s on you.

You’ve been brainwashing your own mind on repeat.

I’ve discovered I have a knack for helping you get out of that “program” and design a new one that serves you, so you can get to “what’s next”.

Allow me to ask you a question.


Your answer will tell you everything you need to know about yourself.
It will answer all your questions about your life.

As we partake in the age old “if I won the lottery I WOULD BLANK” conversation…

I submit to you, your answers are the secret to your mission, and happiness in LIFE.

What would you do with your DAYS if you WON $800 million?


What would you STOP doing with your time and energy if you WON $800 million?


The $800 Million….is not required.

350+ Million Americans will NOT win the POWERBALL…

But EVERYONE can “win the lottery” by taking part in this exercise and then taking action WITHOUT waiting for “LUCK” to strike.

YOU can win YOUR lottery in life…you have the winning numbers, in your pocket.

You’ve had them this whole time.

It’s up to YOU, not some bullshit random drawing.

And just the IDEA, the concept planted in our minds that we need a lottery ticket to be happy, or to be chosen, or promoted….the idea that LUCK has anything to do with your lasting happiness is complete and utter bullshit.

A promotion will not make you happy.
A record contract will not make you happy.
A new iPhone or purse or car will not make you happy.
That bite of cheesecake will not make you happy.

The happiness we all want (that lasts) comes from within.
The happiness we all want, the doesn’t ebb and flow with our taste buds or pocket book or acceptance from others…comes from within.

That’s why that cigarette never tastes as good as the last one…
That pull of the slot machine NEVER satisfies even if you win the jackpot…
That bite of salty or sweet or savory NEVER fills the hole inside us…

It’s why people who win the lottery, often LOSE the money and whatever they had BEFORE they “won”.

Buy a ticket. Have fun. But don’t submit to the lie that anyone or anything besides YOU can bring you lasting happiness. It’s a dangerous and damning mindset.

If you won $800 million would you be here right now?

What some help figuring that out? Click here.

What Should I Do With My Life Now?