The Future of Radio Ratings: Chicago’s Digital “Ratings” September 2011

Facebook matters. Twitter matters. Today these numbers are more real than ever.  Even more important are your website’s google analytics, your email database’s total subscribers, and ultimately your “open rate”.

These are the ratings of tomorrow. Actually, they are the ratings of TODAY, but everyone would rather focus on the VOODOO numbers published and paid for.

Like any ratings or statistics, these aren’t the end all be all. These are simply versions of VARIOUS available measuring sticks. These stats are an indicator of your stickiness…or lack of stickiness. These numbers are an indicator of the level of involvement your audience (or customers) have with your business/brand.

Enter the Chicago Radio Digital “Ratings” for September 2011 (We’ll post these monthly).  I am considering including Steve Dahl’s stats in the next period.  If you think there is someone else like Steve or a web entity that’s Chicago centric I should include, please suggest it in the comments below.

Chicago Radio’s Facebook Ratings September 2011:

Chicago Radio Facebook Ratings September 2011

Radio Must Re-Use & Recycle

This is what the Loop should have done with Brandmeier, Q101 should have done with Mancow when they had him and what WTMX should do with Eric & Kathy….

This is a trend that will grow in the months and years to come:

KROQ Adds Kevin & Bean To PM Drive Lineup
Mornings And Afternoons

Beginning TODAY (11/10), CBS RADIO Alternative KROQ/LOS ANGELES adds “KEVIN & BEAN’S CINCO DE LA TARDE” to PM drive from 5-6p. The popular longitime morning show continues to air from 5:30-9a.

CBS SVP/Programming KEVIN WEATHERLY said, “There are no more popular hosts in all of LOS ANGELES radio as hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners can attest to. KEVIN AND BEAN have been entertaining morning-drive audiences for more than 18 years, and there’s no reason their talent should be limited to one daypart.”


4 Responses to “Morning Shows in Afternoons”

  1. Chris Tarr on November 10th, 2008 7:55 pm

    Be prepared to see more of this because of the people meter. The truth that comes out is that AM drive isn’t always the daypart with the highest cume.

    You’ll see PD’s “cherry-picking” programming, and niche formatting specific hours based on people meter results. A lot of “rules” and what was considered common practice will be thrown out the window.

  2. Sander Schrik on November 29th, 2008 11:05 am

    Kevin and Bean are in a league of there own and one hour in the afternoon is oke!

    But putting the big morning show on in afternoons for 3 hours and mornings for 3 or 4 hours is overkill… like the Dave Ryan Show test at 101.3 KDWB in the Twin Cities.

  3. James Spurney on December 1st, 2008 3:45 pm

    Is this any different than what Sirius does with Stern?

  4. Matt on December 1st, 2008 4:16 pm

    Exactly. They repeat him. VH1 repeats all their shows. MTV repeats the shit out of their shows too. They do it so they can reach different audiences in different dayparts.


Here’s An Idea for WKQX Q101

Here’s an idea…for WKQX

June 13, 2008 by Matt DuBiel

Q101 Logo

Emmis has 2 rock outlets now in Chicago.  It’s 2008 and web 2.0 is everywhere.  Chicago is on the verge of PPM, and RADIO is on the verge of NOT NEEDING Arbitron.  When you can measure how many people are listening to the stream(s) you don’t need an outside service to measure for you.  Flashback to WKQX before they announced their big brand change…  This would have been my announcement.


Hereto and henceforth, let it be written and shouted from the rooftops that the radio station broadcasting on 101.1 megahertz, licensed as WKQX Chicago, and known as “Q101″ will no longer be addressed, advertised, promoted, or operated as “Q101″ but instead will exclusively be referred to as….drum roll….

As we in radio know, that is not what happened.  Instead it was announced that the station would regress back to being Q 101.1, even though whenever the website is mentioned, it is just  The thinking is that since PPM is coming to Chicago, dial position matters more now.

Let that soak in.

Now that an outside company is measuring listening differently, and exposure is more important than recall, the wisdom is that it is more important to make sure people can expose themselves to the radio station.

I agree.  The thing is, people hearing the frequency on the radio station already know where to find the station.  All you need to do is make the dial position BIG and BOLD in your outdoor advertising and on your vehicles and marketing materials.  But on the radio station, you need to be the BRAND, not the address.  Imagine if McDonalds put their store addresses on the signs in front of their restaurants, instead of the arches.

The real rub is, when your audience is largely the Mellenial generation and beyond, (the ones plugged into the matrix from birth) you’re better off telling them to find you at for everything.

So here’s an idea……Relaunch WKQX as and put up 10 different versions of alternative music online.  Let listeners pick which ones are the best.  Showcase them on the radio signal and build a new kind of radio station.