How to be #1 on #iTunes, Amazon, #YouTube or just in #life

How to be #1

We all want to do well. Sometimes when you get started, it’s tough to see others soaring above you, while you struggle to get some momentum.

If you aspire to be #1 on iTunes, #1 on YouTube, #1 on Amazon or the best at anything – watch this video. This is how you get momentum.

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I Found Some Cash – Is this money yours?

💵 I found some cash…is this money yours? 💰
+ behind the scenes as we prepare to launch another client into 🎧 podcasting and 🎙 radio GREATNESS!

🚨I’ll World Premiere Pam Prior‘s show intro. Pam is part of a group that was here with us in Chicago to design and launch her podcast along with Jason Lucchesi, and Jason Hornung.

Next week, we are excited to welcome 3 more world changers to launch their shows too 💥! This is what you can look forward to Thomas IncledonAlex Goldstein, and Len Schwartz!