Matt how come you NEVER answer the phone!?

SIMPLE: People WILL waste your time if you allow them to. It’s not their fault, it’s your choice…IF you allow it.

I speak to “prospective clients” by phone…and I usually have to “kiss 30-40 frogs” to find that one prince/princess client I choose to work with (I’m sort of picky because it takes a special kind of person to truly be able to do what I teach).

In fact, for the past 2 years, MOST of these “calls” result in the person (who admittedly NEEDS help and guidance for their business) not even showing up to the call – or worse showing up LATE…

I know how to solve this. I just put it off because I wanted to “be nice”.

See, as a personal rule I subscribe to the “Dalton – Roadhouse Philosophy”:

#1 Be Nice.

Except I forgot about the second part of the “Dalton – Roadhouse Philosophy”:

#1 Be Nice

#2 Be Nice, until it’s time to NOT be nice.

(see the footage here if this is not in your lexicon)

Now hold on there – I’m not saying I am gonna be MEAN or anything…

But when it comes to MY time, from now on I am implementing the FIX I knew I needed to put in place all along.

I’m sharing because this MIGHT serve you and your business…even though it’s more likely you will *think your business is different.

I assure you, every business has their version of this to implement – IF you’re experiencing the epidemic of TIME WASTERS.

Here it is:
Booking a call with me (for business) now requires a non-refundable deposit.

But MATT, this is foolish!! You will alienate potential clients.

No I won’t. I will however alienate TIRE KICKERS, NO SHOWS, LATE SHOWS, people who are not serious and people who do not value MY time.

I have clients doing this with GREAT success – at MY suggestion. But I didn’t eat my own dog food. Shame on me.

The deposit guarantee I WILL provide is simple: If you make the call, and LOVE it (you will) that deposit will be a credit toward working with me.

If for some reason, you make the call and at the end YOU TRULY believe it didn’t help you and was not worth it….I’ll refund you in full.

No risk.


When it comes to personal calls it’s a different story of course.

But realize, we got our phones for US….not “them”.

I make MY rules. YOU make yours.

If you let THEM make YOUR rules…they win and YOU think it’s THEIR FAULT!

I speak to the people I love. If I’ve spoken to you on the phone recently or EVER…it’s because I love you. Yep, even YOU 

If I haven’t spoken to you, it does NOT mean I don’t love you…it just means I LOVE myself too.

Part of loving myself (I recommend it) is being the BEST steward of my time (it’s a gift) as I can.

Someone might say, “Ok Matt, shut up about it on Facebook then and just do you.”

I’m not posting this for them. I’m posting it for the people who are TIRED of having their time monopolized “by others”.

I’m posting this for the people who “don’t have enough time”.

I’m posting this for the people who “couldn’t get around to it”.

No one is else is monopolizing YOUR time.
You have enough time.
You CAN get around to it.

You CHOOSE not to.

It’s cool. We all make choices, and not all our choices are the best.

But our choices ARE – OUR CHOICES.

YOU are in control. It’s YOUR time.

You can waste it, or use it for GOOD.

This is a message I’m receiving…and I’m working on it EVEN MORE now… for ME.


Because for the last 20 YEARS I have been the guy who will talk to everyone. That intern, that business owner, that gal with an idea…

I’ve donated HUNDREDS of hours of my time for the good of others…

Guess how many of them were REPEAT conversations?

As in – I spoke with the same people about the same thing (for hours) more than once…sometimes every other year or every year….

Out of HUNDREDS of people and THOUSANDS of MINUTES….Guess how many of THOSE conversations turned into THEM taking ACTION and DOING what was discussed?


They want ME to DO the doing.
They want to be SAVED.

No one is coming to SAVE you.

LESS talk, more action.

If you’re bogged down by “chats” and “conversations” – eliminate them and watch what happens.

If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV, or scrolling through your facebook feed.

If you don’t like this post or these thoughts – save yourself some time and don’t listen to (or read) a word I say.

Save you some time already!

I’m Matt Dubiel and I approved this message.

P.S. Think I’m a hypocrite? Nah. I do ALL the things I mentioned above. I make all the mistakes I’m highlighting. The difference is I’m working on them one at a time. Not to be perfect. Just to get better. If something I’m going through helps you or someone else – we start to get some ripples. I *believe we need some GOOD ripples, don’t you?