Here’s 3 Ideas for WGN Radio 720 AM

Here’s 3 ideas for WGN Radio…

WGN Radio

A radio friend of mine recently said to me, “Take away the Cubs and ‘GN is WKRS.”  That may or may not be true…  Take away the Cubs, Spike O’Dell, Kathy and Judy and Paul Harvey though, and WGN is vulnerable.  Unfortunately for WGN, 3 out of the four are almost inevitable in the short term.  What to do?

Here’s 3 ideas for WGN…

#1 Start courting Jonathon Brandmeier today.  Johnny’s a perfect fit for WGN (not so much for WLUP anymore, but that’s a future post)….and Johnny B’s already courting WGN in his own way.  The time is right to get Brandmeier on WGN Radio, and TV.

#2 & #3  Lure Eric & Kathy to WGN Radio.  Their core audience is getting into WGN territory (demo wise) anyway.  Ten years ago E&K’s audience was 34…..and now those women are 44.  Move over “Girlfriends” Kathy & Judy and welcome gal pals Eric & Kathy!  The timing will soon be right for E&K to bolt from music radio and bring their Chicago Show to the last Chicago radio institution that will honor and keep safe such shows.  This is the niche for WGN Radio to satisfy moving forward.

Eric & Kathy

#4  This one is a bonus….and many who agree with #1-3 won’t agree with #4.  Bring in Steve Dahl.  Imagine a Chicago radio station with Johnny B., Eric and Kathy, Bob Sirott (The New Paul Harvey by the way) and Steve Dahl….oh and weather with Skilling.  Think about it.  WGN is the last Chicago Radio Station….or could be.

Steve Dahl

Naysayers will mention the staff would be expensive.  Yes it would.  But WGN bills $40m now making it the #1 billing station in Chicago.  They can afford it.  No one said winning was cheap.

Here’s An Idea for WTMX

Here’s an idea for WTMX…


The Mix in Chicago is an Eric & Kathy machine.  The music has become more adult top 40 and alt at times than Hot AC, and there have been a slew of various midday, afternoon and evening experiments on the air during Eric & Kathy’s era of dominance.    Eric and Kathy will certainly not allow a real Chicago afternoon show that challenges their throne, and Bonneville certainly can’t keep all their eggs in the E&K basket.

Here’s an idea for WTMX….  Grab Ryan Seacrest for afternoons.  I know, shocker.  But get this…Seacrest’s show is right for the Mix’s audience.  Seacrest needs a big Chicago affiliate for his national syndication rollout, and it’s an instant upgrade for WTMX in afternoons without upsetting the E&K applecart.  It’s not local you say?  Poppycock.  Local is what people are talking about “locally” and if that’s the latest from Rihanna and Fallout Boy mixed with celeb buzz and pop culture fodder, that’s a local afternoon show women 25-44 can get behind.

Coming up….3 ideas for WGN…they’re gonna need em after they lose the Cubs.