3 Reasons Clay Travis has YOUR dream job in sports radio and you don’t

3 reasons why Clay Travis has YOUR dream job doing sports radio and you don’t, yet.

This week, we flipped WCKG AM 1530 in Chicago to Sports Talk. It’s been in the works for some time, and the talent we selected for WCKG is the best in the business.

Our lineup on WCKG is Clay Travis 5a-8a, Dan Patrick 8a-11a, Colin Cowherd 11a-2p and Rich Eisen 4p-7p. Mights and weekends will be supplemented by Fox Sports Radio and some other great additions to be announced down the road.

Since the announcement – I’ve been getting tapes and resumes, reading texts-tweets-emails…and I feel it’s my civic duty to share the truth with the disgruntled broadcasters and youth of America.

You want to know why you’re not doing mornings on Fox Sports Radio? Why aren’t YOU the obvious choice for WCKG or any station that NEEDS great, relevant, FRESH, motivated, interesting, compelling, dynamic AUDIENCE builders on Sports Media? Or ANY media for that matter?

There are 3 simple and obvious reasons why Clay Travis is where he is, and you are where you are. Watch this video if you can handle the wake up call.

Edit: I altered this headline a bit. Originally it read:

3 Reasons Clay Travis has his dream job in sports radio and you don’t

Now it reads

3 Reasons Clay Travis has YOUR dream job in sports radio and you don’t

The Future of Radio Ratings: Chicago’s Digital “Ratings” September 2011

Facebook matters. Twitter matters. Today these numbers are more real than ever.  Even more important are your website’s google analytics, your email database’s total subscribers, and ultimately your “open rate”.

These are the ratings of tomorrow. Actually, they are the ratings of TODAY, but everyone would rather focus on the VOODOO numbers published and paid for.

Like any ratings or statistics, these aren’t the end all be all. These are simply versions of VARIOUS available measuring sticks. These stats are an indicator of your stickiness…or lack of stickiness. These numbers are an indicator of the level of involvement your audience (or customers) have with your business/brand.

Enter the Chicago Radio Digital “Ratings” for September 2011 (We’ll post these monthly).  I am considering including Steve Dahl’s stats in the next period.  If you think there is someone else like Steve or a web entity that’s Chicago centric I should include, please suggest it in the comments below.

Chicago Radio’s Facebook Ratings September 2011:

Chicago Radio Facebook Ratings September 2011