How to be #1 on #iTunes, Amazon, #YouTube or just in #life

How to be #1

We all want to do well. Sometimes when you get started, it’s tough to see others soaring above you, while you struggle to get some momentum.

If you aspire to be #1 on iTunes, #1 on YouTube, #1 on Amazon or the best at anything – watch this video. This is how you get momentum.

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The Riches are in the Niches – Why You Need DEEP Penetration

The Riches are in the Niches – WHY YOU NEED DEEP PENETRATION

Wide and shallow isn’t going to get it done for your business. Your social media, PR, blog posts, news articles and grand openings combined are all WIDE and SHALLOW.

To be THE GO TO, you need to go DEEP.

Get to the bottom of the ocean on your area of expertise.

Don’t DABBLE. Specialize and GO DEEP.

You and I can’t afford to go wide and shallow. That’s for Amazon, iTunes, McDonalds and Walmart.

“Something for everybody.” is NOT for you.
It’s even hurt McDonalds tremendously. Salads? Soups? PIZZA???

Once you take your eyes off of Cheeseburgers, shakes and fries…HERE COMES 5 GUYS.

When you feel the urge to make yourself more BROAD, fight that back and instead GO for DEEP PENETRATION.

That’s where the GOLD is. The gold isn’t 3 inches under the surface…it’s MILES DEEP.

When you decide to GO DEEP in your business, WE can go DEEP in your MEDIA and POSITIONING. Then it’s MAGIC time!

There’s GOLD in them there hills. Go DEEP and get it.