How to Double Your Revenue

How to Double Your Revenue

How Mattress Firm can double your sales/income this year:

matt dubiel double your revenue mattress firmThese are just a few of the MATTRESS FIRMS in the area.
Have you noticed sometimes there’s a mattress firm across the street from ANOTHER mattress firm?
There’s a reason for this. Some have rumored it’s because they launder money or something weird like that.
The truth is, sometimes people come up with kooky stories like that to explain away success they don’t understand.

Here’s why Mattress Firm is seemingly everywhere.

#1 The offer something every person needs. Everybody sleeps so they need to be available to everyone.
#2 Mattresses are not cheap. It’s somewhat of a high ticket investment. They do not need to sell that many mattresses to make enough to pay for more locations, overhead, advertising, and leave room for profit.
#3 Mattress Firm ADVERTISES constantly. They know they need to stay top of mind so when you finally decide to plunk down the big $$$ for that mattress THEY are the ones you think of, they are the ones you call, and they are the place you visit. And just incase you try to go somewhere else, you MAY have to drive past a mattress firm to get to the other guys.
#4 Mattress Firm has SOLID messaging. They know what to say to get you to think of them and buy. In fact, they know what to say to the majority of us who think we don’t need a mattress. Their messaging is “experts say you need to replace your mattress every 10 years”. Who says? Mattress firm says…and then they pay other people to say it. Then YOU hear it, and you say it to other people to.
#5 Mattress Firm is now committed to advertising. They threw their hat over the fence so to speak. Now that they have so many locations, they MUST advertise otherwise the whole thing comes tumbling down. Since advertising costs money, they MUST have solid messaging to recoup their investment.
#6 Mattress Firm has to be certain about their sales process. Since they’re pot committed to the process of lead generation via advertising, they MUST be sure their sales team is trained to handle the traffic and demands of the prospective customers.
It all started with a decision.
Mattress Firm decided: We are in the business of selling mattresses, so we need to tell everyone we can Mattress Firm is the place. We need to seed future customers with the idea that they should replace their mattress every 10 years. We need to be a leader in this marketplace.
What’s your decision?
Did you decide to wait for customers to come to you, by the luck of the draw?
If you decide you want to go after your future business and make things happen – I have a million dollar idea waiting for you.

The Riches are in the Niches – Why You Need DEEP Penetration

The Riches are in the Niches – WHY YOU NEED DEEP PENETRATION

Wide and shallow isn’t going to get it done for your business. Your social media, PR, blog posts, news articles and grand openings combined are all WIDE and SHALLOW.

To be THE GO TO, you need to go DEEP.

Get to the bottom of the ocean on your area of expertise.

Don’t DABBLE. Specialize and GO DEEP.

You and I can’t afford to go wide and shallow. That’s for Amazon, iTunes, McDonalds and Walmart.

“Something for everybody.” is NOT for you.
It’s even hurt McDonalds tremendously. Salads? Soups? PIZZA???

Once you take your eyes off of Cheeseburgers, shakes and fries…HERE COMES 5 GUYS.

When you feel the urge to make yourself more BROAD, fight that back and instead GO for DEEP PENETRATION.

That’s where the GOLD is. The gold isn’t 3 inches under the surface…it’s MILES DEEP.

When you decide to GO DEEP in your business, WE can go DEEP in your MEDIA and POSITIONING. Then it’s MAGIC time!

There’s GOLD in them there hills. Go DEEP and get it.