Smart Phone Life Hack for Parents


My babies aren’t on a reality show, but they FILM DAILY:

These tools we have at our finger tips are so often wasted on frivolous exploits…

Consider this:
YOU have a TV Studio in your pocket.
YOU have a MOVIE Studio in your pocket.
YOU have a PRINTING Press in your pocket.
YOU have a BROADCAST NETWORK in your pocket.

What are you going to do with it?

What would Einstein have done with the tools we have?
How about Kennedy?
Picasso? Edgar Allan Poe? Mark Twain?

Here’s a simpler one…
What would your grandparents have done with these tools if they were our age?

I asked myself that question a few years ago knowing my grandpa Archie was one of the 1st to have a movie camera, even though he was just a bus driver and had 6 kids.

He KNEW the power of capturing emotions, stories, ideas, and moments in time.

He’s the one who inspired me to buy an iMac 6 years ago JUST to use as a VIDEO diary for the kids. Built in isight camera, and microphone…

Next I designed a daily TEMPLATE for the kids to follow….

Here’s their mission and direction from me:

Record a 2-3 minute Daily video
Start with the DAY of the week (trigger)
Speak clearly like you’re talking to yourself or your best friend
Keep in mind your kids, grandkids, WIFE, and YOU will be watching this one day 
Tell us the HIGH of your day
Tell us the LOW of your day
Share interesting moments in time
Have fun

One day, they’ll realize what all this was for. Their future selves will be SO grateful, as will their spouses, kids, grandkids and future generations.

Try it  and then DO your own version for them, or your spouse and loved ones to enjoy after you’re gone. Just start now.

You have the tools in your pocket.

What say YOU?

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