How to escape your six figure handcuffs

How to escape your six figure handcuffs:

You made it! You’re making 6 figures! But now, you’re a “kept” employee or service professional afraid to risk the warm blanket of the six figures in exchange for what you truly want in life. I call these 6 Figure Handcuffs. Here’s how to break free like Houdini and escape your six figure handcuffs.

Why would you want to ESCAPE 6 figures?
What are 6 figure Handcuffs?
When you get so comfortable making 6 figures working for someone else, doing what doesn’t fulfill you…putting your livelihood and your FAMILY at risk.
It’s giving into the ILLUSION that a JOB is SAFE, when in fact what seems safe is actually riskier than ever before.
Learn how I escaped 6 figure handcuffs and how you can to!

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