Quit Your Day Job


Matt Dubiel on CNN

Matt Dubiel on CNN


I am watching ‪#‎cakewars‬ and the first person kicked off is the lady who has not quit her day job to focus on baking.

She got her ass kicked by the others who are all FULL TIME focused on baking.

If you don’t believe enough in your dream to “bet it all”…you won’t force yourself to succeed because you have a safety net.

Throw your hat over the fence…so you MUST go get it.

Backup plans are for people who expect to fail…and have permission to fail because they have a plan B.

Watch the video clip too…it’s a fictional story from ‪#‎batman‬, but a powerful one just the same. It wasn’t until “Bruce” removed the SAFETY of the ROPE he had tied to himself to “protect” him from falling that he was able to take a LEAP and RISE.

What say YOU?

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