Passive Income Myth Exposed: How to Help More People with your Message & Build a 7 Figure Empire

Passive Income Myth Exposed: How to Help More People with your Message & Build a 7 Figure Empire

I felt like it (my business) was never as big as it should have been. Like I was going in 10 different directions.

  • I put out ebooks
  • I wrote blogs and articles
  • I hosted live events that were big, complicated and confusing.

I said, I want to turn this passion of mine into a real business.

Matt told me exactly what I needed to do to get better, bigger, and deliver massive results for my clients.

At first I resisted because:

  1. Even though I like Matt, what he was telling me to do was “scary” & “intimidating”
  2. I didn’t entirely believe it would work.

It was only after I struggled, did all these “things” and chased all these shiny objects…only to have a business that was “just okay” that I came back to Matt Dubiel and said “Tell me what works.”

In the last 2 years, we’ve made a massive transformation…

Matt helped me identify everything I did to get those results [for myself], and he helped me realize I wasn’t holding my customers accountable to get that same level of results.

I’m now the #1 person in my space, and more importantly – my clients get results because I hold them accountable – like Matt held me accountable.

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Hey guys. My name is Andrew Henderson, and I am the Nomad Capitalist, and I help people set up their companies around the world and get second passports and do all kinds of really cool international strategies to keep more of their own money. That means that I’m often on the go as I am now. I’m in Poland right now. I’m just kind of walking down the street, but I wanted to make you a little video to explain how my business has changed working with a few people and one in particular.

I’ll tell you, for almost nine, ten years now, I’ve been interested in diversifying myself around the world. I’ve been traveling the world and interested in how to reduce my taxes, how to invest overseas, how to do all this stuff. About five, almost five years ago, I was sitting in the living room of a friend of mine who had worked with me in other businesses. We had been in client relationships, all kinds of stuff like that, and was telling them, I wanna turn this passion of mine into a business.

He gave me a lot of ideas. And, I didn’t follow most of them. He told me exactly what I could do to actually go out and help people do what I was doing. But, I instead chose to go after a different approach. I started putting out eBooks and I started writing blogs, and I started hosting live events that were big and complicated and really confusing.

January 23rd through the 25th, I’ll be attending and giving the keynote address at the Passport to Freedom in Las Vegas.

And doing all sorts of stuff, really unfocused stuff. I struggled a little while for it. Really for a couple years we did make some money, and we did get results, but I felt like it was never as big as it should’ve been. I felt like I was going in 10 different directions. Then I looked, and I said, you know. People are coming to my conferences and they’re paying all this money, and then they’re coming back the next year, and they haven’t actually accomplished anything. Because nobody’s pushing them to do it.

Finally I got back with the guy who’s living room I was sitting in several years earlier. And I said, listen man. I think you were right. Tell me what I need to do to solve or to make this business go a lot bigger and to help a lot more people in a much more powerful way. That person whom I turned to who’s living room I sat in years ago and who I recently came back to, to help me make my business much more powerful was Matt Dubiel and I’d always liked Matt. We worked together in other businesses. I used to run a radio business in the United States, for example.

I always liked Matt, and I always valued him. But, what he was telling me to do at the very beginning seemed scary. It seemed intimidating. I didn’t really entirely believe that it would work. And, it was only after I put in all this effort. I did all these different things. I chased all these different shiny objects to have a business that was just okay. That I came back to him and said, yes. Tell me what will actually work to help me grow my business and really have a big impact, and help me be the number one person in this space.

He told me. And, in the last two years or so, we’ve been able to make a transformation where Matt has helped me identify the things that have worked for me in my own life, the second passports that I’ve gotten, the bank accounts that I’ve gotten all around the world. The companies that I’ve set up, how I’ve lowered my taxes from 43% to 1%. He’s helped me identify everything that I did along the way to get those results.

He helped me realize that I wasn’t holding my customers accountable to get that same level of results. He helped me realize that by selling eBooks and hosting events and doing all these different things, it wasn’t actually helping people move the needle. That what I was doing in my own life was different than what I was asking of the people who was serving. Through that process he helped me create something that really worked to where not only have we dramatically increased revenue and I think more than doubled would be fair.

But, we have people who are fun for me to work with. There’s less chasing of shiny objects, actually less work for me, and the work I’m doing is more fun and more fulfilling. And, we’re actually dramatically improving people’s lives. So, when I go through in one month and say, hey, five guys who I helped personally are gonna save a million dollars in taxes, or almost. That’s fulfilling. When I get calls from some of my lawyers that say, hey. Those two guys that came here last year, they got their second passports. They’re now citizens. That’s really fulfilling.

And, it’s been a fulfillment in a way that was much bigger than selling eBooks and selling courses and chasing after $97.00 here and $297.00 there and hosting live events and wanting to blow my brains out quite frankly, sometimes. Because it’s all so convoluted and crazy and so many moving parts. And, now, thanks to Matt, we’ve really put a system in place that I think helps people move the needle in their own business. It makes my life more fulfilling, more rewarding. And, I think Matt is a great guy, not only in terms of the media, not only in terms of messaging, and identifying who you are and how you communicate with people. But. Also in simplifying and getting down to the core processes. And, he’s ruthless in that regard.

He’s ruthless that getting down to what really works, and gaining clarity and getting in alignment with where you wanna be, and I know that I’m thankful to Matt for doing that. I wanted to share that story with you, that if you have a business where you feel stuck and you feel like you need some help in getting your message clear. Not only for your audience but for yourself. Then I would strongly suggest that you talk to Matt and consider Matt, and I know that I’ve, I’m happy to call him a friend of mine and seek his counsel on a number of things, but he’s always the first person I call when it comes to dealing with an issue or a blockage in my business. He’s definitely someone I would recommend to you for that as well.