I Am Homeless

It’s official. I am homeless. It’s true. Have you ever been homeless?

I’m certainly not homeless in the “bumfights” or Pursuit of Happiness sense of the word. We’re not looking for space in homeless shelters each night for food and warmth, thank God. But I am homeless none the less.

We’re also not victims of foreclosure or bankruptcy like many Americans today. We are actually homeless by choice.

Can you imagine? Would you ever CHOOSE to be homeless?

I am betting not. We didn’t choose to be homeless as much as we chose to “pay the price” for our end goal. Our end goal was to get more home for our money. Our end goal was to live in a community that isn’t in severe danger of becoming uninhabitable for young families. Our goal was to move away from drug deals in broad daylight on our block and a school district plagued with a political tug of war.

Now the irony is, our neighborhood and neighbors were excellent. The problem was, scattered among the wonderful people were drug dealers. The tragedy was with all the wonderful people in our neighborhood and all the potential for greatness in our community, the majority of the people in our town were content to look the other way while the village and community were self destructing. People either didn’t see it happening before their eyes, or they saw it and did nothing.

Our end goal was to find a home with reasonable taxes and excellent schools….schools that didn’t cost us an additional $600 a month in private tuition.

So after 3 years on the market, we finally sold our house without having another home to buy.

It became clear to us after house hunting for nearly 3 years that we would have to sell BEFORE we could get serious about buying. We would have to take less for our house and bank on getting more value when we BOUGHT our next house. We would have to suck it up and make it work.

So now, we’re homeless. But the good news is, our gamble paid off. We found the house with all the things we want and need.

We’ll be homeless for another month, but 2 months of being homeless was a small price to pay for our end goal.

I believe you can get anything you want in life if you are willing to pay the price, whether it’s a house or something else….and it’s a great feeling when you get what you’re after. You often surprise yourself.

I’d love to read about something you paid the price for. Please feel free to add your story to the comments.

What say YOU?

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