How To Win The Huge Lottery Jackpot

How to win the HUGE Lottery Jackpot!


Your answer will tell you everything you need to know about yourself.
It will answer all your questions about your life.

As we partake in the age old “if I won the lottery I WOULD BLANK” conversation…

I submit to you, your answers are the secret to your mission, and happiness in LIFE.

What would you do with your DAYS if you WON $800 million?


What would you STOP doing with your time and energy if you WON $800 million?


The $800 Million….is not required.

350+ Million Americans will NOT win the POWERBALL…

But EVERYONE can “win the lottery” by taking part in this exercise and then taking action WITHOUT waiting for “LUCK” to strike.

YOU can win YOUR lottery in life…you have the winning numbers, in your pocket.

You’ve had them this whole time.

It’s up to YOU, not some bullshit random drawing.

And just the IDEA, the concept planted in our minds that we need a lottery ticket to be happy, or to be chosen, or promoted….the idea that LUCK has anything to do with your lasting happiness is complete and utter bullshit.

A promotion will not make you happy.
A record contract will not make you happy.
A new iPhone or purse or car will not make you happy.
That bite of cheesecake will not make you happy.

The happiness we all want (that lasts) comes from within.
The happiness we all want, the doesn’t ebb and flow with our taste buds or pocket book or acceptance from others…comes from within.

That’s why that cigarette never tastes as good as the last one…
That pull of the slot machine NEVER satisfies even if you win the jackpot…
That bite of salty or sweet or savory NEVER fills the hole inside us…

It’s why people who win the lottery, often LOSE the money and whatever they had BEFORE they “won”.

Buy a ticket. Have fun. But don’t submit to the lie that anyone or anything besides YOU can bring you lasting happiness. It’s a dangerous and damning mindset.

If you won $800 million would you be here right now?

What say YOU?

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