How to launch a Successful Business w/ no money – LOBSTER-MAN in the WCKG Studio!

How to launch a Successful Business w/ no money – LOBSTER-MAN in the WCKG Studio!

How to #launch a Successful #Business w/ no money – LOBSTER-MAN in the WCKG Studio! #podcast

💵Wanna skyrocket profits?
Bring your business to life with rocket fuel!???🚀
This is a launch blueprint for #business.

Dan Zawacki shares 3 vital names in his epic business growth that started in #chicago:

#1 The Jonathon Brandmeier Show (my reason for being in radio)
#2 Harvey Wells (one of my greatest mentors in radio)
#3 Sean Hannity

In that order.

Get the entire unedited interview here before it’s only available in edits.

What does it take to build a $15m business?

🚨What does every business need to do now – no matter what the business – to make it work right and keeep from folding up like a cheap suit?

How and WHEN do you sell it?

What was the SECRET to making it work?

Former 🦞 #lobster man and the 1st #business to use #google #adwords – (yep even b4 Gary Vaynerchuk) lifts up his kimono on exactly how you launch a successful business.

How he was raking leaves to make a living while he was busy with the 🦞 #grind for 4 years!!!

It’s SO good.

We sat in the studio for nearly 3 hours and it wasn’t enough.

I took over 10 pages in notes. The ONE #influencer who Dan Zawacki credits as the #kickstarter of his business, the medium that MADE the #business and who he helped along the way. 💣💣💣🎤👋🏼 you can watch or listen uncut here Matt Dubiel…and coming soon to every platform.

Matt bought his first domain ( in 1997, started podcasting in 2004, launched his youtube channel in 2007, and has been on the cutting edge of media and tech ever since.

Fast Company Magazine calls Matt Dubiel one of the “Most Influential People Online”. Chicago Magazine says he is a “pioneer of podcasting”.

Matt works with select high level clients on their content, media and marketing.
If you are stuck in 6 figure handcuffs and looking to break out and bet on yourself, you can apply to work with Matt here:

Matt Dubiel is the Station Manager at WCKG. #WCKG broadcasts in #Chicago on AM 1530 and 102.3 FM. WCKG recently flipped to an all Sports Talk format featuring Clay Travis, Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, and Rich Eisen. Weeknight and weekend programming is provided by Fox Sports Radio. WCKG is Chicago’s Fox Sports Radio affiliate. For advertising and partnership opportunities call 312-380-1530 or visit

Matt on social media:


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