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I recently spotted an article from my friend Sam Ovens pop up in my feed titled

Decision Fatigue: Why Successful People Wear The Same Clothes Everyday

This is a great article from Sam about how great minds wear the same thing over and over to reduce decision fatigue – and the thought process behind it.

It reminded me of a post of mine from way back…where I detail how wearing the same signature outfit or uniform can help you establish your identity in live video. This has been done since TV began, from Mickey Mouse to Pee Wee Herman. Here’s how:

PEE WEE HERMAN, Steve JOBS, and Mickey MOUSE….

(originally posted on my Facebook Page March 18, 2015)

What can Pee Wee Herman, Steve Jobs, Mickey Mouse and Arthur Fonzarelli (when’s the last time you read that name!) teach us about sales, psychology and positioning?

It’s so simple, it might surprise you.

Most of those mentioned and pictured are fictional characters, but Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, and even Adolf Hitler all emulated these characters in one simple way…

They all wear the same “outfit” or don the same “look” every day. They have a costume that tells you who they are.

Or at least it APPEARS that way to their audience.

Really what they do is ENSURE when the public is watching, they ALWAYS look the same so they can build on the momentum of anchoring their character and persona to their LOOK.

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This is done with cartoon characters for 2 main reasons.

#1 The first reason, is to simply and easily reinforce and remind the audience of the character’s identity without having to start from scratch each time. Eventually you get to know this CHARACTER so well, you feel like you know them, right? That’s the anchoring and the snowball effect of doing it consistently.

#2 The second reason this is done, is for CONTINUITY. In cartoons, it makes things real easy to manage porduction. For TV shows even more so. Watch Shark Tank and when you see a change in clothes from one of the Sharks, it’s because they shot scenes on another day, and/or the continuity person messed up!

Some theatrical outlets will take it a step further and assign certain music to a character when he enters the scene. This is often done on radio and during sporting events. #32 steps up to bat and they play the same Pitbull song every time.

The TV Show Breaking Bad even took it a step further and if you watch closely, they had groups of characters wearing the same colors depending on character alignments etc. They got DEEP into the psychology of the viewer.

So WTF does this have to do with you, sales, marketing, and positioning?

Besides simplifying your life by wearing the same thing as this article suggests:…/science-simplicity-successf…/849141/

The HUGE take away for us is this:

When you’re doing online video, or get called for that TV appearance on the local news, or perhaps something bigger….PUT YOUR COSTUME ON.

You’ve got to have a look and have it ready, and then be DISCIPLINED about flawlessly executing it….when and where people will see you. EVERY TIME.

If it’s always the same look, you will build up momentum anchoring your character to your look and over time that will have a HUGE snowball effect on your positioning and your income.

Later, you can reposition if you’d like and doing so with a NEW LOOK is how that is done. A great example of this in the online space is a surfer dude with long hair and a beard who now dons a suit and a short cropped haircut. He’s still the same guy, but he’s transition his audience and anchoring it to his NEW look.

This will also fix LOTS of continuity issues for you when it comes to your online video, pictures etc.

The good news is, this doesn’t mean you have to be dressed like Pee Wee Herman ALL THE TIME….but if you are Steve Jobs and it’s that time of year for the Apple Keynote, you’ll be prepared to put on your black mock turtle neck and your blue jeans wink emoticon

The inevitable nature of sticking to a set of rules and a framework for the WAY you do things is that later, when you’ve done the work and followed YOUR rules, you can break character and wear something that will get everyone snapping out of their trance and notice the change….when the time is right.

If for 10 years we see Steve Jobs in his self chosen uniform, and then he comes out on stage dressed as Woody from Toy Story to announce the final Toy Story Movie, people will notice…and talk. Mission accomplished.

If you do nothing else, find YOUR look…and then be consistent on your videos with that look….keep that continuity as you develop your following and all your special personality quirks, language, other unique traits….AND value will be anchored to THAT look…which will help you build momentum like never before 

What say YOU?

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