How To Get Interviewed on Radio & TV

How To Get Interviewed on Radio & TV

How do you get media coverage?

Should I hire a PR firm?

Should I hire an agent?

You can, but you’re probably not ready. First you need to get interviewed on TV & Radio. Here’s how.

How To Make Money Podcasting

How To Make Money Podcasting

20-year radio vet and “pioneer of podcasting” Matt Dubiel talks about using podcasting for business at Rev3 Innovation Center in Naperville.


Relying on ‪Word Of Mouth‬ is GAMBLING

HOW TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS NOW!The limit to your abilities is where YOU place it.

Let your customers balance your checkbook!
Let your customers handle your payroll!
Let your customers pay your mortgage!


If you don’t let your clients balance your checkbook, handle payroll, and pay your mortgage…why in the world would you depend on their WORD OF MOUTH to drive your sales?

When you surrender to WORD OF MOUTH you make someone else responsible for the REVENUE you NEED in order to pay those bills…so you might as well hand over the checkbook.

If YOU are not GREAT at getting the word out about your business, product or service…

What makes you think your customers will be GREAT at getting the word out for you?

Relying on ‪#‎wordofmouth‬ is GAMBLING.

Worse yet, it enables you to point the blame at your customers for not sharing enough, when in fact it is YOUR DUTY to work on YOUR business, not your client’s responsibility.

Get GREAT at getting the word out to the right people, and hire someone GREAT to help you.