Gary Vaynerchuk Interview with Matt Dubiel

I was invited to New York to interview “Gary Vee” [Vaynerchuck] so I flew out for the weekend with my boys Anthony & Rocco. The interview was scheduled for Tuesday, January 21, 2020 and it was a little different than I expect to say the least.

Gary and I sat down in front of a room full of people on the top floor of The Dominick Hotel in Soho. We talked about iHeartRadio, WFAN, Macho Man Randy Savage, Michael Jordan, The Smashing Pumpkins, Audio, Trump and an economic collapse – which Gary believes is eminent especially if a specific scenario plays out.

That’s in the interview.

While it seems like we covered a lot (and we did), I only got about half way through the questions I wanted to dive into with Gary. I didn’t expect to get through all my questions, but I changed my approach when we arrived. I’ll share why in the follow up episode also.

Would you like to know what I didn’t get to ask him? That will be in the follow up audio too. Be sure to subscribe to whatever platform you prefer, so you’ll get all the audio plus interviews I’ll be releasing with some pretty cool people like Gary.

I agree with Gary on many things, and I am indeed a fan. There is one issue we discussed, and while is answer did not surprise me, I think he was 100% wrong. I’ll explain that question, and my perspective in a follow up episode to this interview.

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