3 Steps to make your Yeti Mic Sound like it’s supposed to

3 Steps to make your Yeti Microphone Sound like it’s supposed to:

Most people I see online using the Yeti Mic are using it incorrectly. As a result, your audio is not the high quality the Yeti Mic is set up to deliver.

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll notice and instant upgrade in sound quality.

#1 Select the proper pattern on the back.

 Better Yeti Microphone set up - pattern

Solo Talkers, select 3rd option from the left

#2 Do not position your Yeti Microphone like this

Bad Yeti Microphone set up

This position is wrong for solo talkers

#3 Position Your Yeti Mic So You can speak into the FRONT

Better Yeti Microphone set up

Solo Talkers Speak into the FRONT like this

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