How To Promote Your Podcast Like a Pro

Radio Executive, Owner of WCKG Chicago, “Podcast Pioneer”, and National Radio Syndicator Matt Dubiel shares:

The HUGE opportunity for content creators like you, MOST people have no CLUE is coming.
Why PODCASTERS like you SHOULD have the advantage when the content GOLD RUSH hits, but many won’t…
How to get your PODCAST promoted, distributed and BROADCAST by the most powerful media companies in your local market and even across the USA.
The PERFECT length your podcast SHOULD be and why EVERYTHING you’ve ever heard about podcast length is likely 100% WRONG.
The tiny little difference between a RADIO show like Dave Ramsey’s, Dan Patrick’s, or Leo LaPorte’s and a podcast (it’s not what you think)
Why content is NOT King.
The “C” word you MUST have in your content…
How to get YOUR podcast on RADIO!

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