How To Get Interviewed on Radio & TV

How To Get Interviewed on Radio & TV

How do you get media coverage?

Should I hire a PR firm?

Should I hire an agent?

You can, but you’re probably not ready. First you need to get interviewed on TV & Radio. Here’s how.

How To Make Money Podcasting

How To Make Money Podcasting

20-year radio vet and “pioneer of podcasting” Matt Dubiel talks about using podcasting for business at Rev3 Innovation Center in Naperville.


Quit Your Day Job


Matt Dubiel on CNN

Matt Dubiel on CNN


I am watching ‪#‎cakewars‬ and the first person kicked off is the lady who has not quit her day job to focus on baking.

She got her ass kicked by the others who are all FULL TIME focused on baking.

If you don’t believe enough in your dream to “bet it all”…you won’t force yourself to succeed because you have a safety net.

Throw your hat over the fence…so you MUST go get it.

Backup plans are for people who expect to fail…and have permission to fail because they have a plan B.

Watch the video clip too…it’s a fictional story from ‪#‎batman‬, but a powerful one just the same. It wasn’t until “Bruce” removed the SAFETY of the ROPE he had tied to himself to “protect” him from falling that he was able to take a LEAP and RISE.

How To Get a Reality Show – The Duck Dynasty Method

film magic daily mail screenshotHow did the #DuckDynasty flock get their own reality show and how can their story help YOU in EVERYTHING you aspire to achieve? The answer might surprise you…

They used a timeless concept that is even taught in the #Bible !

While getting a TV show might seem like a “victory”, lots of shows FAIL and very few shows succeed… Most never even air.

So more importantly,

HOW did they position themselves and their show to get EVERY possible advantage, virtually ensuring success even in the face of controversy?

The answer to both questions are the SAME….and it’s a concept we “bake in” to our process in guiding my private celebrity and business clients.

It’s the same way Stephen Colbert got “picked” to replace David Letterman when he retired from the Late Show this year.

And it can help YOU get picked and ensure YOU are prepared when you do get picked.

This is how you create your own LUCK!

After all, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

MOST of us are NOT prepared to TAKE ON our next great opportunity…

Even FEWER are prepared to take it on and THEN leverage that opportunity and build on it for YEARS, DECADES, or even GENERATIONS to come.

That’s momentum and it can be UNSTOPPABLE, if you play your cards right.

This lesson from the Duck Dynasty crew is not about getting your own reality show…but what they did to get “chosen” and what Colbert did to get “chosen” WILL work for you…in EVERY aspect of your life.

Here’s what they did…and what OTHERS who create their own luck are doing. (Sadly, it has been used for evil as well as good.)

It’s simple.

They didn’t wait…
for someone to CHOOSE them…
for someone to call them…
for someone to ask them…

They chose themselves first.

Here’s how.

Before the Robertson family even talked to a TV network, cable crew or got an agent…they did their own reality show.

They literally videotaped a reality series on their own. They starred, produced it, edited it…everything.

They failed fast…and they got good at being themselves and telling stories on camera.

They found their voice. They honed it…and figure out how to get better as they went.

They didn’t all have beards even…but once they made the decision to CHOOSE themselves, they began to figure out other secrets about breaking through to the masses (those beards are strategic NLP sorta stuff).

Colbert did the same thing…

They brought their vision (of themselves) into reality, so EVERYONE else could see it!!!

When it was time to find the guy to replace Letterman, others could see what Colbert believed…

They could envision Colbert in Letterman’s seat because he could show them. He was ALREADY doing that kind of show.

A&E could envision Duck Dynasty on TV, because the Robertsons could show them. They were ALREADY doing a show!

You don’t need to be on a reality TV show, or a late night talk show.

But, if you want to be LUCKY…you have to CHOOSE yourself FIRST.

You must let the world HEAR, SEE, and READ you in action, so you can get the repetitions you need to get better…

So you can let them envision YOU in the role you’ve chosen for yourself…

And so you can stack the deck in your favor, which will inspire OTHERS to CHOOSE you…

That will bring YOU more opportunity and when it comes, you WILL be prepared!

I help business people, leaders, speakers, authors, doctors, lawyers, contractors, and professionals GET LUCKY on purpose.

If you are in position to GET LUCKY on purpose and take things to the next level in your business, click BOOK NOW above on my page or message me and let’s set up a strategy call now so I can learn more about YOU and your mission!

Relying on ‪Word Of Mouth‬ is GAMBLING

HOW TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS NOW!The limit to your abilities is where YOU place it.

Let your customers balance your checkbook!
Let your customers handle your payroll!
Let your customers pay your mortgage!


If you don’t let your clients balance your checkbook, handle payroll, and pay your mortgage…why in the world would you depend on their WORD OF MOUTH to drive your sales?

When you surrender to WORD OF MOUTH you make someone else responsible for the REVENUE you NEED in order to pay those bills…so you might as well hand over the checkbook.

If YOU are not GREAT at getting the word out about your business, product or service…

What makes you think your customers will be GREAT at getting the word out for you?

Relying on ‪#‎wordofmouth‬ is GAMBLING.

Worse yet, it enables you to point the blame at your customers for not sharing enough, when in fact it is YOUR DUTY to work on YOUR business, not your client’s responsibility.

Get GREAT at getting the word out to the right people, and hire someone GREAT to help you.

Get More Customers

The Advertising Dublin Dubiel Picfastest way to get MORE customers is to ADVERTISE.

But Advertising costs money 🙁

Although it is a write-off…it IS tax deductible (I’m not a CPA, talk to a CPA about CPA stuff)

Here’s what costs MORE than the cost of Advertising:

  • #1 Not Advertising – If you have a GREAT product or service, and you don’t advertise, YOUR business is missing out on the rapid and exponential growth you WILL experience from telling MORE of the RIGHT people about YOUR business faster, NOW. This will cost you MILLIONS in MISSED opportunities, and lost revenue. It will keep you stuck in success. Stuck is dangerous no matter where you are stuck because your business is just one or two emergencies away from going under if you haven’t fortified every side of it. I believe you are being treasonous to your business, staff, vendors, family and future clients if you are not maximizing your ability to serve more people powerfully. They all need you.
  • #2 Advertising Garbage – If you have a mediocre product or service and you DO advertise, YOUR business is missing out on discovering how bad things really are FASTER. It’s not smart to waste money advertising a crappy product or service, HOWEVER if you do, and you pivot quickly, you can discover what’s broke, fix what’s broke and turn your business around. Most businesses that are in trouble don’t know how bad it is. Watch one episode of Bar Rescue and Kitchen Nightmares, or drive up and down your local main street to see the results. There’s no room to be delivering any less than greatness in these times if you want longevity in your business.
  • #3 Spending Money on Stuff that Pretends to Be Advertising – If you spend money on EVERYTHING else, from chamber memberships to SEO and social media management…your product and service is just ok, your current client base is not as happy as they can be, and not spreading the word of mouth about YOU….and you are not tracking the return on investment of those above services…YOU are pissing away thousands and costing your business MILLIONS.

The best word of mouth brands in the world ADVERTISE.

The best SEO’d businesses in the world ADVERTISE.

So why don’t you?

There’s 2 reasons you don’t ADVERTISE.

  1. You don’t believe in you or your product/service.
  2. You don’t work with someone you trust to help you.

If it’s not number one, you can apply to be one of the handful of clients I work with directly here.

Working with me is not FREE, it’s not cheap, and it’s not all puppy dogs and ice-cream…however, for the few clients I do work with directly, it’s effective, inspiring, and I deliver RETURN ON INVESTMENT every time. Part of that is picking the RIGHT clients. If we’re a good fit, I’ll show you how to choose the right clients for you too 😉

3 Ways Your Business is Losing Money

These are my 4 kids, and one day they’ll take over our family business. We’re in this for the long haul.

That’s why helping YOUR business is so important. We build businesses through marketing and promotion. We get paid to care about your business and get you more of the RIGHT customers.

If you’re not doing that, your business is in trouble. You just don’t know it yet.

Main Street America is on the ropes.

Wall Street is flashy and sexy, but Main Street is the backbone of the Middle Class. And the Middle Class is pretty hunched over right now.

We can fix it, together.
We can thrive together.
I’d like to show you how.

You’ve been lied to, and it’s time for the lies to stop.

Slow and steady does NOT always win the race, and I know from experience WORD OF MOUTH is VERY SLOW, and NOT steady AT ALL.

The bottom line is simple, whether you are a Dentist, Chiropractor, Painter, Roofer, Contractor, Doctor, Lawyer, Realtor, Insurance Agent, Mortgage Lender, Accountant, Professional services provider, restauranteur or in you are in the SALES…you NEED a steady stream of IDEAL CUSTOMERS.

If you are depending on WORD OF MOUTH, you are putting your business, family, and life in the hands of people who do not have your best interests in mind.

You are gambling.

Are you delivering a QUALITY product or service with VALUE?

If you aren’t, I can’t help you.

And if you ARE, why aren’t you shouting it from the rooftops?


1) You are waiting for your customers to shout for you. Good luck. You’ll need luck, because they don’t care about your business. They care about their NEED. Once you fill their need, they’ve moved on in their life.

2) You are shouting YOUR MESSAGE from the WRONG rooftops. The rooftops you’ve been told to use, may not be right for your business. Marketing is not a one size fits all solution.

3) You are shouting the WRONG message, the wrong way. You’ve got to have the RIGHT message for the RIGHT target. The more you shout the wrong message, to the right people…the more it HURTS your business and drives money away.

No one cares about your business except you.

That’s why so many businesses are STUCK.

That’s right, NO ONE cares about your business except you.

Let’s get you unstuck.

Send me a PM on Facebook and let’s talk about your business challenges, and the solutions at your fingertips.

Jimmy Johns’ Secret to Getting Things Done in Business & Life

Want the secret to getting things done, and NEVER having to repeat the process of discovering THE PROCESS?

It’s how you move mountains. It works. It works for Apple, Amazon, Uber, Jimmy Johns…and people like you and me.

This goes for ANYTHING. It’s rather simple, and yet MANY people (cause we’re PEOPLE) ignore, forget, or just fail to execute it.


I’ll give you the Jimmy Johns example.

Jimmy John used to wipe the crust out of his eyes each morning, fire up his red 1987 Chevy Cavalier with a busted muffler (I don’t know if that’s what he drove but stick with me) and make his way to THE Jimmy Johns.

There was just one SUB SHOP at the time.

Jimmy John was doing it all, and in order to STOP doing it all HIMSELF he needed to hire and SCALE.

When you build something that’s great, with your own hands you and you try to delegate without doing THIS magic THING…you find that the people you delegate to FAIL.

So you think, delegating doesn’t work.

Then you think hiring people is impossible.

Then you think scaling will never happen.

Then you tell yourself (say it together now):

If YOU want something done RIGHT, you need to do it YOURSELF.

That’s wrong.

Here’s what Jimmy John did:

1) He wrote down everything he did IN ORDER from the time he walked in the door, to the time he left

2) When he realized cutting the onions FIRST thing in the morning stunk up the joint and wasn’t the best timing for that TASK, he improved the process (as he went) and PUT IT DOWN ON PAPER

3) Every time he improved something, he put it on paper and created a PROGRAM for OPENING, CLOSING, SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS, TAKEOUT, ORDER TAKING, etc

4) He designed a process, and put it down STEP by STEP

5) HE FOLLOWED THE PROCESS, so he knew someone else could follow the process

The magic formula is as simple as MAKING A LIST. That is how it starts.
When you make a list, and turn it into a process it becomes a REPEATABLE PROGRAM.

When I was a kid, we had a TRS-80 computer and my father taught me BASIC PROGRAMMING.

This is BASIC PROGRAMMING for people.

Start by creating BASIC PROGRAMS for the things you do, in life (groceries, house cleaning, meals), in business (hiring, firing, sales calls, etc), and in other areas you want to systemize and streamline.

Once you have a few BASIC PROGRAMS, you MUST get clear about the TRIGGERS for these programs.

A TRIGGER is a CAUSE that sets off, ignites, or initiates a program or process.
Without a TRIGGER, your program will not run.

Here’s an example.


PROGRAM: Answer the phone

1) Pick up phone in less than 3 rings
2) Greet caller (enthusiastically): “Hi! Thx for calling WCKG, this is Matt how can I help make your day great today?”
3) Help caller or connect them to someone who can
4) Complete call log on company intranet
5) *Check Website

Now there is a SIMPLE program. The trigger is the phone call, and if you notice, item #5 is actually another TRIGGER for the “Check Website” program.

Keep in mind, there MUST be a PROGRAM for “Check Website” otherwise the person executing the Phone Program will do whatever they deem “checking the website” to be.

That’s when things break down, badly.

You can put triggers at the end of programs to initiate another program.

By the way, this is happening to YOU all day long anyway. Most people just don’t realize it.

The key is to design YOUR PROGRAMS, run YOUR PROGRAMS, and then get others to RUN THEM for you or with you.

Triggers can also be TIMES, DAYS, DATES, Events etc.

In fact, you ideally want beginning of the day and end of day triggers to initiate programs for you or your managers to VERIFY that others are indeed running the programs properly, effectively, and efficiently.

And you guessed it…it’s good to have a program to check the programs.

It sounds very T3, and perhaps even Orwellian…but when you break it down, these are checklists with order and function.

They WORK. They’re working right now.

The question is, are they working for YOU or are you working for THEM?

Wouldn’t you rather design them and execute yours, for YOUR mission?